Recipe name:Orange


  • coconut 18oz.
  • olive 6oz.
  • shea butter 18oz.
Total Oils: 42.0oz.






added 2 oz beeswax

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Estimated soap properties:

  • INS: 175
  • Hardness: very hard
  • Cleansing: strong
  • Conditioning: great
  • Foaming: very good
  • Stable lather: good

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Lye is a dangerous chemical. Kids and pets should always be kept away from lye at all times. It is very corrosive and should never be ingested or allowed to come in contact with your body or clothing. Protective gloves, eyewear and a disposable face mask should be worn. NEVER pour water into lye, ALWAYS pour lye slowly into water. Follow all instructions provided by lye suppliers.