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Read about this soap calculator and find out why we created it.

Soap making can be a lot of fun. The most interesting part for us is experimenting with various combinations of natural oils to achieve a perfect mix of the qualities in a soap that we are making.

You can always follow the tried recipe or you can modify it a little and then wait for results. But it can take a while. One of the ways to create new soap recipe is to use simple formulas for saponification to calculate how much lye you might need and keep in mind properties of each oil that gets used in the mix. It can be fun but it can get pretty complicated once you start adding more and more oils.

We decided to put together an interactive lye calculator to make it easy to change oils and their quantity and see estimated results of the soap right away. You don't have to submit new numbers, you just need to change things and get instant calculations.

Once you are happy with the results and ready to finalize the recipe, you can give a name to your recipe, and add notes if any, and click print/share button. That will let you view your recipe in printer friendly mode and also you can save the link or share it with friends. We hope that this natural soap calculator will make soap making even more fun and easier to discuss and share.

We have used saponification numbers from several resources along with our own findings and hope that these numbers will give you good final results. But it is still estimated values since oils can vary in quality and these numbers are not intended to be final. You can use them as a guidance and then fine tune you recipe by seeing actual results from the oils that you use.

We are trying to improve this lye calculator and if you have some feedback or have noticed some inaccurate numbers, we would appreciate if you let us know.

We hope that you are going to have lots of fun with our soap calculator. If you like it, please share and let your friends know about it too.

Lye calculator

Soap making calculator is often called lye calculator, since the main purpose is to calculate the amount of lye needed to achieve full saponification. In our calculations we use 5% super-fat method to make sure that some of the oils are left in the cured soap for it's beneficial properties on skin. That also helps to give that luxury, smooth feeling to your natural soap.

Soap Calculator Definitions

The chemical reaction that occurs when a strong akali (lye) is combined with whole oils. Soap and glycerin are the end products.
Robert McDaniel introduced this concept in his book "Essentially Soap". It's a good prediction of soap hardness and ease of saponification. According to Robert McDaniel, 160 is the ideal value.

Handling lye

We want to remind you that lye can be dangerous if not handled properly. Always use protective gloves, eyeweare and mask and handle it in well ventilated area. NEVER add water into lye, ALWAYS add lye into water slowly.

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