Skin Absorption and Natural Soap

Most people take soap for granted. They think that as long as soap keeps you clean from dirt and bacterias itís fine and there is not much to it. But there is so much more going on in one of the most often repeated ritual we all do every day - using soap and cleansing products. Think about it. How many times a day you use soap. How much soap do you use in a month? Now think about this. Human skin is the largest organ in the body and although many people think that skin is absorption proof, skin is virtually a breathing barrier that protects your body from environment, but it also absorbs and releases things from outside of the body. One example is nicotine patch. Itís a patch that through personís skin slowly inject nicotine in bloodstream. There are many other well-known examples of using skinís ability to absorb elements from outside. But we normally donít think about how careful we should be about applying various chemicals to our skin especially considering that we could be doing it everyday or several times daily.

Did you know that there is soap with caffeine in it to give you almost the extra morning boost just as a cup of coffee does. Somehow it doesnít sound too healthy. And a cup of coffee is probably a much better option.

Of course one might say that when using soap it is almost immediately washed away. And it is true, normally we donít have soap on our skin for such long periods as a person would be caring a nicotine patch. But we donít apply nicotine patch to the whole body either. And of course, doesnít matter how well you rinse, not 100% of the soap is always washed away. There are still small amounts of soap left on our skin even after we leave a shower.

So next time when you go to your shower think about the diet that you have your skin on. Is it all healthy, or is it more like junk-food full of chemicals, preservatives and potentially dangerous things that can accumulate with years of use?

Obviously natural and especially organic natural soap will ďfeedĒ your skin natural ingredients and if it will leave any traces behind, they will be very mild and natural. Natural soap doesnít just leave you with a great feeling skin, it is also a great peace of mind.

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