Natural soap and cold weather

We all love warm nice weather but only a small fraction of population in the United States enjoys warm sunny days all year round. Most of us live through cold seasons when air outside is cold and dry. Winter comes with great number of fun activities but with the fun also comes unpleasant feeling of dry chappy and even itchy skin.

There are many reasons for dry skin during cold season: dry cold air, rapid temperature changes when you go from warm inside to cold outside, windy conditions and so on. So what can you do to protect your skin and make you feel more comfortable?

Many people use humidifiers in their homes to add humidity to the air. The reason air inside is so dry is that cold air that is already dry outside when gets heated becomes even drier. Adding a humidifier is a good solution to add more water to air around you and have some relief for dry skin. But the problem is that we canít control air quality every where we go. Using creams and moisturising lotions becomes a part of daily routine if you want to help your skin to retain the water and stay hydrated.

Letís look a little deeper into why we need creams and lotions to boast good looking skin. Human skin actually naturally has a layer of oil to stop water from quickly evaporating from skin serving as a protective barrier to control the amount of water we loose by evaporation. The problem is that this layer gets washed away with very hot water or soap. Especially detergents are very efficient at removing all the oils from any surface. That is great when youíre doing the dishes but it is not so good for your skin that stays unprotected. Some commercial soaps have added moisturisers that help you regain some of the lost water retaining properties of your skin, but many are still not as effective as the way nature intended. Natural soap is much more milder in the first place and when specially crafted for dry skin it has natural glycerin that helps your skin to stay moisturized.

Thatís one more reason to love natural soap especially during cold season here in Pennsylvania. With cold season comes flu season and frequent hand-washing is necessary to stay healthy but if your soap is scraping away all protective layers of your skin, you canít avoid dry skin on your hands. Natural soap to the rescue! With all natural oils, plenty of glycerin and non-harsh cleaning ability, natural soap is a great way to help your skin stay moisturized.

And with all the scents of various essential oils and natural ingredients that create rich aromas, it is hard to say no to luxury experience of all natural soap bars.

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