How natural soap is different from commercial soap

Soap is one of the most often used products in our lives. It can be easily called an essential item in any household. You can see soap in all kinds of varieties. And all of those varieties serve different but the same purpose - soap is there to clean. Doesnít matter what it is - your hands, your body, your dishes, your car. We think of all those cleaning agents that help us remove dirt as basically soap.

The truth is of course that all that soap is not the same. Itís not the same on a surface, has different smells, different shapes, comes in liquid, powder and hard form. But the main difference of course is inside. All those ďsoapsĒ have different chemical formula and different properties. They are manufactured differently and different ingredients are used. You wouldn't be surprised to find out that detergent to wash your clothes is different than your hand soap bar. So the question is how natural soap bar is different from a regular commercially made bar of soap.

The truth is that soap we buy now in supermarkets is closer to powdered detergent than to traditional soap. With technological advances modern cleaning agents surpassed traditional soap in ability to remove oil and dirt. They are also less expensive to produce in large amounts. It may sound like new commercial soap being better, less expensive, more colorful and smelling better is just an improvement overall compared to traditional soap that your grandmother used to use. But it is not true. Driven by profits in mass markets commercial soap industry reduces the cost of soap disregarding some of the essential aspects and effects of using soap on your skin everyday.

Have you noticed lately how many commercials are on TV about soap that wonít dry your skin? And how they add lotions and creme to soap to keep your skin moist. Doesnít it sound like their own admission that soap dries your skin? They donít tell you that in modern soap making glycerin that acts as moisturizer in soap is removed from soap and sold separately to be included in more expensive beauty products to increase profits.

Natural handmade soap bars keep all the good stuff including glycerin and nonsaponified oils to moisturize your skin naturally. There are also no other harsh chemicals or chemical preservatives added to create colors, smell and longevity. You wouldn't find such things as parabens (linked to Breast cancer), sodium lauryl sulfate (skin irritant) in natural soap. But you would find them in almost all soap bars commercially produced.

Credit must given to soap industry with coming up so many ways to make their soap attractive and market it to people as effectively as they did. But as we can see lately big industries come up with creative ways to offer inferior product and make it seem like a wonderful thing (fast food companies come to mind).

Smaller companies producing soap traditionally canít compete with marketing budgets of giant corporations selling soap products. With years public was using more and more of affordable colorful and easy to use product that is more and more often found to link to contact dermatitis skin irritation. Similar to fast-food industry, attracted by marketing and prices thinking that itís normal and safe we as consumers continue purchasing inferior product despite to the damage to our health. Here at our mission is to keep the best that soap has to offer and give you an option to use a better and healthier product that is natural, simple and honest.

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