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Loofah Sponge
Loofah Sponge
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Aloe Baby Soap Bar
Aloe Baby Soap Bar
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Shampoo Natural Bar
Shampoo Natural Bar
$5.99  $4.95
Save: 17% off

Diaper Cakes

Are you having a baby shower for a very special mom-to-be? You have found the right place. We create perfect presents for baby showers - baby diaper cakes! Diaper cake from us will be the center of attention during any baby shower.

Practical and stylish, fun and elegant baby diaper cake makes a perfect baby shower centerpiece, a gorgeous hospital gift, or a charming decoration for baby's nursery.

Natural Soap

Natural Soap Boutique started as a need to find a solution to sensitive skin problems. Most bath products on the market were too harsh for members of our family and we decided that it would be the best to start making our own soap, that way we can be absolutely sure that the soap we use is safe and we know what is inside the product. We had plans to come up with our own homemade pure, natural soap made of only natural ingredients that are absolutely safe even for baby's skin.

After weeks of research, we discovered everything we could about soap making at home, starting with ingredients, soap making recipes, and all the tools and supplies required. The more we researched, the more we found that we are not alone in search for a great soap bar.

We realized that there are many people who have the same needs but also have experience in making their own soap. Our plan has changed from offering just our own soap to providing opportunity to try many great soaps that are produced by us and by other experienced soap-makers. We decided to find those soap craftsmen in the United States who stick to all natural recipes and do it the old, time-tested way. What can we say, we did find numerous great American companies who take pride in their work and absolutely never add any harsh chemicals to their soap and are very proud of it. Many of those companies have years and years of experience. They went through many recipes and found the most balanced and most popular between their customers aromas, sizes and color designs.

Delighted with our discovery we started our search for the perfect product for us and our kids. We tried one soap bar after another. And were satisfied with many of the products, but of course all of them had their own identities and their own advantages. Having access and experienced many handmade soaps it was natural for us to try and share it with our friends and family. But that wasn't enough.

We decided to open a website and offer everybody to try the joy and benefits of having a shower or a bath with all natural handmade soaps. Please browse our collection and keep in mind that we keep adding more products and web site is constantly updated. Let us know your ideas and come back often as our pure natural and handmade soap collection is going to grow.

All the soaps in our collection meet these strict minimum requirements: No soap contains petroleum or artificial colors, no soap is tested on animals, no foaming agents added. There is no sodium, sodium cocoate, sodium laurel sulfate or any other harsh chemicals. Our soap is free of detergents.

Soap Calculator

Are you looking for a soap calculator that is easy to use? Check this lye calculator that we designed. It is still in beta, but it gives you nice functionality of changing your recipe on the spot and instantly provides the results: Click here for our soap calculator.

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Natural Wordpress Theme

We developed a custom natural wordpress theme for our natural soap blog and we like it so much that we decided to share it with everybody. So if you have a wordpress blog with green, eco-firenldy or organic topics, you are more then welcome to check our natural wordpress theme Organique.

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Diaper Cakes?

This may sound confusing for some people. But if you're an expecting mom, you know that cakes made of diapers are a great gift for new parents. Usually presented on baby showers, they make a great practical and original gift idea and also can serve as a centerpiece for a baby shower party. You can see some nice diaper cakes on - our sister site.

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